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Medesure Executive


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Comprehensive blood tests will identify abnormalities of the blood cells, blood chemistry, blood sugar level, cholesterol level, kidney function, liver function, prostate inflammation (PSA), which could mean early prostate cancer, stomach infection that could cause ulcer and stomach cancer, and markers present in the blood that could indicate the presence of cancers of the colon and ovaries (women).

This health package provides:

  • A comprehensive physical examination
  •  urine evaluation
  •  comprehensive blood tests
  • ECG
  • exercise stress test of the heart
  • Chest X ray
  •  Screening tests for the five (5) most common cancers in Jamaica :
    • breast – mammogram (women)
    • cervix – pap smear (women)
    • prostate – PSA (men)
    • lung – chest X ray
    • colon – colonoscopy
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