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MedeSure is a Healthcare Membership Organization that provides membership benefits, including discounts at healthcare businesses and service professionals; a wide range of medical services at discount prices through an integrated network of doctors’ offices, laboratories, diagnostic facilities and hospitals owned and operated by or affiliated with HENJ MedeSure Ltd.; access to special low-cost health insurance, with no age restrictions; and access to preferred Health Savings and Investment Accounts, exclusively for members.

MedeSure Health provides medical treatment of common acute medical conditions, and combines MedeSure Executive Medicals and state-of-the-art disease management protocols with low-cost health insurance in the prevention and management of chronic, non-communicable diseases and cancers, the main causes of illness and premature death in the adult population.

The 100 Diseases health packages provide members with multiple medical visits and medications for the treatment of any 5 of the 100 most common acute medical illnesses.

MedeSure Executive Medicals provide comprehensive medical and diagnostic evaluations for cardiovascular diseases and cancers, the main causes of illness and premature death in the adult population. A 5-year risk assessment score (HLA index), and specific disease management recommendations to significantly improve this score within 2 – 3 years are generated by the MedeSure physician.

MedeSure Disease Management Protocols provide disease-specific medical evaluations, diagnostic tests and treatment regimens implemented over a 1 year period that halt, improve or cure non- communicable diseases and cancers.

MedeSure Health Security Plans are long-term medical plans that combine annual Executive Medicals (colonoscopy in year one only) and any 3-disease (or less) combination Disease Assessment and Management Package for hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolaemia and heart disease to provide the best available disease management to stabilize and improve these medical conditions within one year of commencement of the Plan, and demonstrate improvement in established, measurable metrics and indices, with the objective of achieving full disease control in 3 – 5 years.

MedeSure Health gives individuals the ability to be assured of a long and healthy life, barring accidents and natural disasters, by performing specific diagnostic tests to identify conditions that cause life-threatening and debilitating illnesses (primarily cancers and cardiovascular diseases) in the early stages when they can be eradicated, cured or effectively controlled.

MedeSure Health Insurance is available to MedeSure members who are enrolled in MedeSure Health and have completed consecutive MedeSure Executive Medicals, and Disease Management protocols where applicable, at very low cost.

MedeSure Health Savings and Investment Accounts for the long-term health and welfare of MedeSure members and their family members, are managed by preferred financial institutions at special rates and terms and conditions negotiated by MedeSure, and are available to members who have purchased a MedeSure Health Package or Health Security Plan, with access by the member.

The goal of MedeSure is to provide long-term health security to its members, prevent disability and premature death from cardiovascular diseases and cancers, promote good health, wellness, optimal mental and physical performance, and attain long life.

Medesure is a subsidiary of Jamaica Health Security Network Limited (JHSN). JHSN is a facilitator of health services through affiliated medical doctors and healthcare facilities throughout the island of Jamaica, and whose primary aim is to make specialized, premium healthcare services accessible to all Jamaicans.

Our Mission

MedeSure is to be a healthcare delivery system that brings high quality healthcare at an affordable price to all Jamaicans

Our Vision

  1. Providing primary care and specialized premium healthcare services to the Jamaican population generally and to its Members Island wide
  2. Increasing the chances of a disease free life and preventing premature death from common conditions associated with aging
  3. Aiding in the prevention of the debilitating consequences of cardiovascular disease and cancers which are the main causes of premature death and disability in the Jamaican population
  4. Utilizing advanced health information systems and technologies to provide superior patient care
  5. Creating a healthcare system that will exceed patient’s expectations

The company’s major strategic goal and objective is to be a new healthcare paradigm for Jamaica.

Our History

Medesure is a nationwide organization of medical doctors that provides easier and more affordable access to high-end medical and diagnostic services that allow the comprehensive assessment necessary to identify and prevent the medical conditions most likely to impair quality of life and cause premature death in the adult Jamaican population (members).

The concept for MedeSure was derived from its Managing Director, Dr. Clinton J. Sewell’s own experience as a practicing physician in New York City, where his medical office combined many diagnostic services that provided access to the high quality medical care needed by the New York City community that he served. It is his goal to make that same high quality medical care available to average Jamaicans through MedeSure and its affiliates.

Medical services are provided to MedeSure members at discounted prices in various combinations as healthcare packages, and can be purchased on a subscription basis (pre-payment plan), annually, bi-annually or on a multi-year basis.

The packages are designed to:

  1.  provide medical coverage for the most common acute medical conditions,
  2. obtain a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s health status, with particular focus on cardiovascular disease and cancer screening and prevention to increase the chance for a disease-free life and to prevent premature death from these common conditions, and
  3. provide comprehensive medical management for these conditions.

The services include doctors’ visits, blood and urine testing, electrocardiogram, treadmill stress testing, echocardiogram, abdominal and pelvic ultrasound, chest x-ray, CT and MRI scans, colonoscopies, upper gastrointestinal endoscopies, and exercise, nutrition, weight and stress management programs.

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