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Product Description

  • Complete physical examination,
  • Urinalysis,
  • CBC, Chem Pac, PSA, Pap Smear, CA125, CEA, H.pylori
  • ECG,
  • 2 additional Doctor’s visits.

The Silver Package provides a complete physical examination, urine test, a comprehensive laboratory test, ECG and chest X ray. A comprehensive laboratory test will provide information about the condition of the blood cells and conditions such as anemia, leukemias and myeloma, electrolytes in the blood stream like sodium and chloride (salt), potassium, and the function of the liver and kidneys.

The comprehensive laboratory tests – CBC, Chem Pac, PS, Pap Smear, CA125, CEA, H.pylori – seek to identify abnormalities of the blood cells, blood chemistry, blood glucose, lipid panel, kidney function, liver function, inflammation of the prostate which could mean early prostate cancer, pap smear in women, evidence of infection of the stomach lining that could cause ulcer and stomach cancer, and evidence of markers present in the blood that could indicate cancers of the colon and ovaries. Additional tests, not covered by this package, may be recommended by your Medesure Participating Physician, to confirm these conditions or further evaluate abnormalities.

An electrocardiogram or ECG test records the electric current that causes the heart to beat as it passes through the heart. When there is a blockage of any of the very small branches of blood vessels carrying blood to the heart, there is some damage to the heart that often does not cause any symptoms, and are not noticed during regular activities. The electric current does not flow normally through the damaged portions of the heart, and even small damaged patches can be picked up on the ECG test.

A chest X ray provides information about many conditions that may involve the lung, but does not cause any respiratory symptoms in the early stages. This includes cancer of the lungs, which may be cured, if identified in the early stages.

This Health Package is designed to provide two follow up assessments/evaluation by the Medesure physician, in order to provide advice and treatment for any abnormalities or medical conditions identified on the initial evaluation and diagnostic tests performed.

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