Medesure Executive Package

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Medesure Packages

Medesure Executive

This health package provides:

o          A comprehensive physical examination
o          urine evaluation
o          comprehensive blood tests
o          ECG
o          exercise stress test of the heart
o          chest X ray
o          Screening tests for the five (5) most common cancers in Jamaica :

      1. breast – mammogram (women)
      2. cervix – pap smear (women)
      3. prostate – PSA (men)
      4. lung – chest X ray
      5. colon – colonoscopy

Package Description:

The Executive Health Packages provide the comprehensive medical assessment necessary to identify medical conditions that will impair health and quality of life and cause premature death in the adult population. Individuals are assured of a long and healthy life, barring accidents and natural disasters, after performing these evaluations to identify the conditions that cause life-threatening and debilitating illnesses (primarily cancers and cardiovascular diseases) in their early stages when they can be eradicated, cured or effectively treated. A Health and Life Assurance Index (HLA), which indicates an individual’s level of wellness, is provided upon completion of the Executive Health Packages.


Comprehensive blood tests will identify abnormalities of the blood cells, blood chemistry, blood sugar level, cholesterol level, kidney function, liver function, prostate inflammation (PSA), which could mean early prostate cancer, stomach infection that could cause ulcer and stomach cancer, and markers present in the blood that could indicate the presence of cancers of the colon and ovaries (women).

An ECG test records the electric current that causes the heart to beat, and does not pass normally through damaged heart. This is picked up on the ECG. If there is partial blockage of blood flow to the heart muscle there may be no damage, but a heart attack may occur. The ECG, which is performed at rest, may be normal. Changes may however show up on the ECG during exercise, before a heart attack actually occurs. This is called a Stress Test. A partial blockage may then be treated and a heart attack prevented.

A chest X ray will identify early lung cancer and other lung and heart diseases, pap smear – early cervical cancer, and mammogram – early breast cancer.

A colonoscopy is the best method of preventing colon cancer, the third most common cancer in Jamaica, by removing polyps before they become cancer in 5 – 10 years.

A Continuing Care Document (CCD) will be prepared within 2 weeks of completion of a MedeSure Executive Package.


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