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Gold ‘n Heart (Heart of Gold) –Gold Plus Heart

  • Complete physical examination,
  • Urinalysis,
  • CBC, Chem Pac, PSA, Pap Smear, CA125, CEA, H.pylori,
  • ECG,
  • Cardiac stress Testing,
  • Echocardiogram,
  • Mammogram,
  • 3 additional Doctor’s visits.

The Gold ‘n Heart Package provides a comprehensive evaluation of the heart, in addition to a comprehensive physical examination, urine evaluation, comprehensive laboratory tests, chest X ray and screening tests for the four (4) most common cancers in Jamaica – breast, cervical, prostate and lung.

The comprehensive laboratory tests – CBC, Chem Pac, PSA, Pap Smear, CA125, CEA, H.pylori – seek to identify abnormalities of the blood cells, blood chemistry, blood glucose, lipid panel, kidney function, liver function, inflammation of the prostate which could mean early prostate cancer, pap smear in women, evidence of infection of the stomach lining that could cause ulcer and stomach cancer, and evidence of markers present in the blood that could indicate cancers of the colon and ovaries. Additional tests, not covered by this package, may be recommended by your Medesure Participating Physician, to confirm these conditions or further evaluate abnormalities.

This evaluation of the heart includes an exercise stress test of the heart, which is a more rigorous test of the heart than a single ECG taken while lying down, and an echocardiogram, which is a special ultrasound (ultrasound is used for viewing a baby and it’s movements in the womb) of the heart, provide a detailed assessment of the heart, its functions and reserve.

The heart is made up of two pumps, side by side. One side (the right side) pumps used blood from the organs though the lungs, where it is freshened, and is then pumped around the body by the other side (the left side). The left side pump is larger and made up of more muscles than the right side.

The main blood vessel from the left side of the heart that carries the blood around the body (the aorta) has 3 small branches (coronaries) that supply the heart itself with blood. These branches are small, and run on the surface of the heart. They also divide into many smaller branches. If any becomes narrowed or blocked, then that portion of the heart will not receive sufficient blood and may become damaged. This may happen when the heart starts to work faster and harder, as say during exercise.  So it is very important that these blood vessels remain clear.

When there are blockages of the very small branches, there is some damage that often does not cause any symptoms, and are not noticed during regular activities. These can be picked up on an ECG test, which records the electric current that causes the heart to beat as it passes through the heart. The current does not flow normally through damaged heart, and even small damaged patches can be picked up on the ECG test, in most cases.

If there is evidence of heart damage on the ECG, then getting an assessment of the extent of the damage and how well the heart is functioning is important to determine the best management of the heart condition. A special ultrasound examination of the heart called an echocardiogram is important in providing this information. A Treadmill Stress Test also provides additional important information.

A Treadmill Stress Test is most often used to identify partial blockages of blood flow that may cause serious damage to the heart if they become completely blocked (a heart attack). Symptoms of heart disease or an abnormal ECG test are not required to perform this test. In fact it is used as a routine screening test in individuals who have risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cigarette smokers, individuals with family members with heart disease and individuals with high cholesterol levels.

The patient exercises on a treadmill machine and the heart’s electric current is monitored continuously. As the heart beats faster, the ECG will start to change if there is not sufficient blood flowing to any section. This means that there is a blockage in at least one of the 3 blood vessels that supplies the heart. The test is stopped at this point, well before the heart would get damaged, and further actions to clear the blockage and to prevent a heart attack would then begin.

This Health Package is designed to provide three follow up assessments/evaluation by the Medesure physician, in order to provide advice and treatment for any abnormalities or medical conditions identified on the initial evaluation and diagnostic tests performed.


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