MEDESURE Membership Benefits

Discounts on visits to participating medical doctors and diagnostic facilities.
Special discounts at participating pharmacies.
Access to MedeSure Health Packages, Health Security Plans and medical services at discount prices, with special payment terms.
Full credit of membership fee on purchase of any MedeSure Health Package - The Executive Medicals, 100 Diseases, Disease Assessment & Management, Heart, Cancer, other Special Package - Gold, Silver, Gold’n Heart, Wellness, HealthSure Emergency Pack, or Health Security Plan.
Exclusive access to selected medications from the MedeSure Medication Formulary, with the safest and most cost-effective medications available in Jamaica.
The payment for one (1) visit to a MedeSure physician for a covered acute illness is credited to the purchase of a 100 Diseases acute illness health package.
Access to online chat group with doctors and nurses.
Free medical advice online.
Discounts on medical supplies, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals at MedeShoppe outlets.
Discounts from participating Wellness professionals – yoga, reflexologists, chiropractors, massage therapists, spas, gyms.
Discounts at selected specialty restaurants
Special discount program for individuals with health insurance.
Access to low-cost MedeSure Health Insurance
Access to preferred MedeSure Health Savings and Investment accounts
6 months free membership for individuals with chronic medical conditions

An annual membership fee of $5000 is required, which is credited to the purchase of health packages. The membership fee will be waived for the first 6 months of membership for individuals with chronic medical conditions.

To become a MedeSure member you may call the MedeSure Nurse Advisor at 631-8331 for information and advice, or pay through our website or at any MedeShoppe outlet. A membership card which must be presented at participating MedeSure physicians, diagnostic facilities and pharmacies will be issued.

Access to MedeSure services requires purchase of the MedeSure health packages or Health Security Plans. Packages and Plans may be purchased by calling the MedeSure Nurse Advisory for advice on MedeSure packages, or online by visiting, or at any MedeShoppe outlet.

You will be asked to select a Participating Physician from whom you would wish to receive medical services. You may ask your current physician to become a MedeSure Participating Physician by sending a request via email to [email protected] or by calling (876) 6318331. Payment of 50% of the cost of the desired MedeSure package, which can be made in 2 equal parts or by a layaway plan, must be made before services can be obtained. Services will then be limited to two (2) office visits for up to 6 months for covered acute illnesses (100 Diseases Packages), and a comprehensive physical examination and a limited blood (laboratory) test for Executive Medicals and Disease Assessment and Management Packages until full payment for the package is received.

Purchase of a 100 Diseases MedeSure health package may be initiated by an office visit to a MedeSure participating physician for the treatment of a covered acute illness and presenting the MedeSure card. The payment for the office visit and covered medications is credited to the purchase of a 100 Diseases health package. Payment of at least 50% of the cost of the 100 Diseases Package must then be made. Services will then be limited to one (1) office visit for up to 6 months for covered acute illnesses until full payment is received.

The first of 12 monthly payments for medications for Disease Assessment and Management Health Packages must be received before medications are dispensed, and no medications will be dispensed if payment instalments cease. Payments should be received 2 weeks in advance.

All physician office visits must be completed, and services provided within one year of purchase of a membership.

MedeSure members may purchase additional MedeSure medical services upon the recommendation of a Medesure physician at any time.

MedeSure Health Insurance – Members who have completed 2 consecutive Executive Health Packages, and Disease Management protocols where applicable, are eligible for low-cost MedeSure Health Insurance, with no age restrictions.

Health Savings and Investment Accounts – Members who have purchased a desired MedeSure Health Package or Health Security Plan are eligible to make deposits to MedeSure Health Savings or Investment Accounts. MedeSure Health Savings Accounts and MedeSure Investment Accounts are managed by preferred financial institutions at special rates, terms and conditions negotiated by MedeSure for the long-term health and welfare of members and their family members, with full access and participation by members.


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