100 Diseases Package (Age 30 – 40)

Medesure Packages

100 Diseases Package (Ages 30-40)

The 100 Diseases Packages provide 3 doctor’s visits and disease specific medications for up to 5 of the listed conditions, for the age groups 20 – 3030 – 40 and 40 & over.  The Package is valid for 1 year. The listed conditions are the 100 acute medical illnesses that are most likely to affect individuals in each age group. The doctor’s visit must be to a Mededure Physician. You may call the Medesure Nurse Advisory at (876) 631-8331 for a Participating Physican near you. Prescribed medications may be collected at designated pharmacies island-wide, or at the physician’s office.

Package Limitations:-

No more than 2 doctor’s visits are allowed in the first 6 months of the Package, and no more than 2 covered conditions may be treated on each visit.

Price: JMD $25,000.00

Abdominal pain Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Acute diarrhea Anemia
Angioneurotic edema Anxiety
Asthma Apthous ulcer
Blood in stool Back pain
Bronchiectasis Balanitis
Bronchitis Blurred vision
Cellulitis Cervicitis
Chest pain Chancroid
Chronic bronchitis Conjunctivitis
Dermatitis Constipation
Diabetes Type 2 – new onset Corneal abrasion
Diarrhea Dizziness
Eczema Episcleritis
Edema Headache
Esophagitis Hematuria
Folliculitis barbae Herpes genitalis
Gastritis Herpes labialis
Gastroenteritis Hyperthyroidism
Hay fever Hypothyroidism
Helminthiasis Insomnia
Hiatal hernia Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Hydradenitis Joint sprain
Hypertension- New onset Keratitis
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Lymphogranuloma venereum
Joint sprain Muscle strain
Lichen Planus Oral chancre
Lipoma Orchitis
Mouth sores Osteoarthritis
Otitis media Otitis Externa
Palpitations Ovarian cyst
Paronychia Parotitis
Peptic ulcer disease PID
Pharyngitis Polyuria
Pneumonia Prostatitis
Psoriasis Rheumatoid arthritis
Ptyriasis rosea Salpingitis
Ptyriasis versicolor Seborrhea
Rosacea Seizure disorder
Sebaceous cyst Stye
Seizure disorder Syphillis
Shortness of breath Thrush
Sinusitis Thyroiditis
Skin tumor Urethritis
Taenia (all sites) Uterine fibroids
Thrombophlebitis UTI
Tonsillitis Uveitis
Varicose veins Vaginitis
Viral illness Vasculitis
Vomitting Vertigo

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